Fahrenheit 9/11: Rumors are rampant right now about whether or not the US public will see a DVD release of Michael Moore's controversial film before the election in November. It seems many sources, including The Orange County Register, are claiming we could see this film on DVD on September 1st...

Currently, the film is still without a proper home video distributor, although Lions Gate, which is sharing theatrical distribution with IFC Films, is rumored to be the logical choice. By Moore's mandate, however, the DVD must be released in September. "We want to get it out before the (presidential) election," said Michael Moore during a recent press stop for the film. "We hope the film and DVD will have a significant role in removing Bush from office." Moore's production company, Dog Eat Dog Films, has already produced many of the bonus features. The DVD is said to include additional footage and updates not in the current theatrical edit, a commentary track, man-in-the-street interviews conducted in 30 countries and more to be announced.
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.