Sony is bringing Faith to the big screen. The studio has had a deal in place with Valiant Comics to adapt their various superhero titles into movies since 2015. The first of these adaptations will be the Bloodshot movie, which has Vin Diesel set as the lead and is filming this year. Sony is looking to expand upon their stable of potential superhero franchises with this upcoming adaptation of Faith, but this isn't going to be your average comic book movie and could redefine the idea of what a superhero can be.

That may sound a bit dramatic, however, in this particular case, it also happens to be true. Before we dig into why, let's start with what we know. Sony has tapped American Gods writer Maria Melnik to write the Faith movie. That means a female-led comic book movie is being written by a woman, which is already an inclusive play. There have been many calls for diversity in Hollywood as of late and, since comic book movies are the biggest thing in the business these days, that's a great place to start.

In the spirit of inclusion and diversity, Faith will be like nothing we've ever seen from the superhero genre. Not only is Faith Herbert a female costumed hero, but she also will be the first plus-size superhero ever. Sure, there have been comic book characters on screen who don't fit the typical mold, but this goes way beyond that. And certainly we haven't seen a character such as this at the forefront of a major comic book movie. Assuming Sony and Maria Melnik stay true to the version of the character from the pages of Valiant Comics, this is going to be a unique, bold and quite possibly groundbreaking movie.

Faith made her debut in 1992 as a member of the Harbinger team, but it's really her most recent solo series that debuted in 2016 that has made the character a mainstream success. In the more recent run, Faith Herbert is a journalist by day and crime-fighter by night. Her powers include flight, telekinesis and the ability to levitate objects. She is portrayed as a confident woman and her figure sets her apart from the majority of female heroes, who are often portrayed as having thin, generally idealistic, model-esque body types. While her figure differs from many other comic book heroes, it doesn't define who she is, which is also key. It's by no means a gimmick.

Sony is doing what they can to get into the superhero game without any big, marquee names. Aside from their Valiant adaptations, they also have Spider-Man spin-offs such as Venom, which arrives in October, and the Morbius adaptation, which recently cast Jared Leto as the character known as The Living Vampire. There is currently no word on a possible director for Faith or when we might see the movie arrive in theaters, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date as more details are made available. This news comes to us courtesy of Deadline.