In an interview with Indiewire, producer Nate Moore, who also serves as Marvel Studios' VP of Production & Development, revealed that the show's producers and the studio is heading towards Emmy submissions for both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, the shows' entries will go into different categories; while WandaVision submissions will be in the Limited Series Category, submissions from The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will be in the Drama Series Category.

This detail has given hope to MCU fans of a possible second outing focused entirely on Sam Wilson aka Falcon (who by the time season 2 comes may be the new Cap) and James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Emmys are awarded to different shows competing in three different "factions" comprising of all television productions; Drama, Comedy, and Limited Series.

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While Drama and Comedy series' categories are bifurcated by the genre they represent, Limited Series' categories represent the shows which are created as a one-season entry with no plans for further expansion or follow-up to its original story. Having The Falcon And The Winter Soldier forwarded as a Drama Series opens up possibilities for the second season or some form of expansion of the storyline teased in the ongoing run of the show.

Shedding some more light on this decision, Nate Moore said, "As this is sort of our first foray into television, even if it's Disney+, we thought [the Drama Series category] was appropriate for what the show is trying to tackle."

He even took fans' speculations on a follow-up season a notch up saying, "We've definitely kicked around [Season 2] ideas because we always like to keep thinking about where things can go, but we also, frankly, in the crush of the pandemic, we're just trying to finish the show and make sure it got out in a timely matter."

It's a fact that the pandemic has affected Marvel's plan for Phase 4 quite heavily due to the numerous changes in the release slate due to delays caused by theatre shutdowns and production halts. This caused Marvel to begin Phase Four with WandaVision, which set new bars for MCU entries, which was followed by record-breaking viewership of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

On one hand, WandaVision's nine-episode run gave a glorious conclusive-cum-followup arc of Wanda and Vision's characters, in a long-span format. On the other hand, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, as Kevin Fiege described, is more of a cinematic experience spawned over six parts. Technically, with the 50-55 minute run-time, the show could be combined into a long film just like Zack Snyder's Justice League.

The Flacon And The Winter Soldier has introduced audience to several new characters, hinting at many new story arcs that can be included into future MCU entries. This alone creates room for a second season of the show. There is one more episode left to stream before The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ends its first season run on Disney+, and Nate Moore has stated that the sequences in the final episode may leave with potential hints to a subsequent season.

The Flacon And The Winter Soldier will end on April 23rd with the final episode. Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to expand with further Phase Four entires including Loki and first Phase Four feature film, Black Widow. This news originated at Looper.