February is the time for Valentines and love. Bridal Fever kicks off the month with a cute story of life and love. Delta Burke stars as Dahlia Marchand, a famous romance novelist who is currently writing her memoirs. She picks Gwen (Andrea Roth) to be her editor, although Gwen is only an assistant at the publishing house. Nevertheless, Dahlia sees something in Gwen that tells her she is the best person to edit her memoirs.

Gwen has given up on love for herself. She and her friend Sandra (Melinda Deines) are the last two unmarried girls in their class, and Sandra desperately wants to be married. Dahlia takes the two under her wing and instructs them on the art of finding a husband. She even tells them if they follow her advice they will be engaged in six months.

While Gwen is desperately trying to get Dahlia to concentrate on her writing, while at the same time planning the publishing party for the highly anticipated book, she meets an attorney who seems to be her perfect match. Gwen has feelings for the manager of the book store where the party is to be held, but he is uncommittal and she decides to move on. Both Gwen and Sandra decide to follow Dahlia's advice and soon find themselves on the road to matrimony.

In the meantime, Dahlia is confronting her own love life, as her one true love suddenly comes back into her life.

This is a fun story and perfect for this season of romance. Bridal Fever premieres February 2 at 9 PM on Hallmark Channel.