The force is strong with these animated ones...

Family Guy: Blue Harvest, a send-up of the Star Wars franchise, was the top DVD seller in the week ending January 20. The 48-minute special held off a few new theatrical contenders as well.

Good Luck Chuck performed quite strongly, despite a chilly $34.9 million theatrical box office reception. The Dane Cook/Jessica Alba comedy took a close second place in sales and took the top rental spot for the week, earning an estimated $11.6 million in rental revenue.

Mr. Woodcock was the other notable release of the week, taking fourth in sales, right behind last week's winner, 3:10 to Yuma and it came in just behind Good Luck Chuck in rentals, with a solid estimated tally of $10 million.

On the high-definition front, Good Luck Chuck took the Blu-Ray crown while The Kingdom held on to the HD DVD crown for yet another week.