TV Week's Josef Adalian recently spoke with Seth MacFarlane about his upcoming Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, and MacFarlane revealed that Family Guy: The Movie would be going into production within the next year.

MacFarlane stated, "We want to do it. And it is time. In the past six months we have seriously started talking about it. And my hope is that we will get it going within the next year. Doing the show is a seven-day a week process, so I don't know how we will squeeze in a movie. But we will figure it out. I have an idea about what it will be. It is definitely something you wouldn't be able to do on the show. That's the only reason to do a movie." Asked if there would be nudity and obscenities, Seth said, "Oh, yeah!"

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About upcoming episodes of the show, Macfarlane said that, "Brian will date a fifty year old woman, Stewie and Brian go to Russia with Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase, and Lois discovers that her heritage isn't what she thought it was." You can look for Family Guy to return to Fox this fall with all new episodes.