Family Room Entertainment Corporation is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Emmett/Furla Films, has acquired the true-life story of Rin Tin Tin to produce as a feature-length motion picture. Rin Tin Tin is the latest acquisition of a name-brand property by Family Room Entertainment. Family Room Entertainment let a previous option on the Rin Tin Tin property lapse, but has elected to re-acquire the property and quickly move forward with production, which is slated to begin prior to the end of the calendar year. Other recent "branded properties" acquired by Emmett/Furla Films include a pair of horror remakes: Terror Train and Day of the Dead.

The original Rin Tin Tin puppy was saved from the remains of a bombed-out kennel during World War I. That little German Shepherd puppy grew up to become the star of 22 feature films and has been credited as one of Hollywood's first true "stars." The progeny of the original "Rinty," as he was affectionately called sometimes, went on to star in numerous other movies and television series, making the 80-year span of the Rin Tin Tin name one of the longest running careers in Hollywood.

Co-chairs Randall Emmett and George Furla stated: "We have always believed in the strength of brand-name properties. Our acquisition of Rin Tin Tin is a logical extension into the exciting family films marketplace. Given that `Rin Tin Tin' is one of the longest running and more successful family film brands in Hollywood history, we are very excited about being able to have such a property here at Family Room Entertainment."