X-3: While interviewing Famke Janssen for the film Hide and Seek, the subject of X-Men 3 came up...when asked if she is signed on for it she said, “I am not contractually obligated to do it, but will do it.”...Janssen then went on to say, “Although it’s really tough to give each character enough screen time, which is also a factor in getting some of the actors to return for the 3rd one, the storyline will revolve mainly around the Phoenix character I play.”...regarding the rumors about Joss Whedon coming onboard for the 3rd X-Men, Famke said, “I haven’t heard those rumors, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Famke was also asked about the rumors of her being considered for a role in Superman Returns. She had this to say, “I don’t think that is even a possibility being that it’s a competing comic, which just wouldn’t be possible.”

Famke spoke about the fact that right now a 3rd X-Men is being held up due to other reasons... “I understand that the script is being worked on right now, and there still has to be a search for a director, and resigning some of the actors, once all that is done then the studio will begin production, and according to what they said maybe by June or July, but I haven’t heard anything else.”

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