Still wondering when to expect Fanboys and other Weinstein Co. films in theaters? Harvey Weinstein has your answers. The LA Times got Weinstein on the phone today and he gave the lowdown on Fanboys, saying the film will now be released in January. Why the move to January?

"So we can do a major promotion with Comcast, who's arranging for a big advertising tie-in for us on the film," Weinstein said.

The exec also revealed release plans for three other major film releases.

Crossing Over, which stars Harrison Ford and Sean Penn, and was considered an Oscar contender, has been moved to January as well because, "the market is just too crowded."

"Every week there are five more movies coming out. It's too crazy. Spring is much better--there are a lot more wide-open dates. The most important thing is to do well by the movie. Having it out in January gives us the opportunity to play the film at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals, which will be a big help to the movie."

Killshot, another oft-delayed Weinstein film, has been pushed to a February release, to capitalize on the Oscar buzz that the film's star, Mickey Rourke, is receiving for The Wrestler.

"Everyone has said that Mickey Rourke is amazing in The Wrestler and will be up for all sorts of awards, so we decided to move Killshot to a date a few weeks before the Oscars. That way we can capitalize on all the heat that's going to be around Mickey."

Shanghai, which stars John Cusack and was originally set for a Christmas Day release, has been delayed because the film won't be ready.

"It just couldn't be ready in time. The movie wasn't finished shooting until August and the director, Mikael Hafstrom, doesn't even deliver his cut until early November. He doesn't want it out now and neither do we. He needs time to make it as great as possible."

We'll keep you posted on any exact release date information for these films.