Producer and CEO of Wanderwell Entertainment Tara Ansley (Tragedy Girls, St. Agatha, Beast Beast) and entrepreneur Abhi Goel are excited to announce they have acquired the Fangoria, Starlog, and Gorezone brands. All brands will live under the Fangoria umbrella and develop projects based on the legacy publication's 40+ year-old archive of work and history, with an eye on inclusivity and championing forward-thinking creators.

Ansley & Goel negotiated the deal with movie producer Dallas Sonnier who acquired and resurrected Fangoria as a print publication in 2018 and built the brand into a robust horror movie studio, book publisher and podcast network through his Texas-based Cinestate. Fangoria Magazine, with its current editorial team under the stewardship of Editor-In-Chief Phil Nobile Jr. and Managing Editor Meredith Borders, will continue to publish as a print quarterly. Fangoria Studios, Fangoria Podcast Network, Fangoria Digital, Starlog Digital, and Gorezone Digital will launch in 2021 with Fangoria Studios producing and distributing both narrative and non-fiction projects in television, film, and digital content across all platforms.

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"These brands have been a foundational force in genre entertainment for decades, and have inspired, influenced, and shaped generations of filmmakers, writers, actors, and fans - ourselves included," said Ansley. "We will continue to honor Fangoria's unparalleled legacy as we propel a future wave of talent and storytellers with an invigorating production and editorial slate that showcases the array of talent representative of our expansive community."
"It has been an awesome ride! I am so proud of the work my team and I did rebuilding this legendary brand and securing our place in horror history. I wish Tara & Abhi much success as they take Fangoria to even greater heights," added Sonnier.
"We are thrilled to take a fresh approach while still paying homage to the nail-biting stories we grew up on. There could not be a better time to propel these brands to exciting, culturally diverse new heights," said Goel. "Not only are we forging into tantalizing new territories, but we are paving the way for global creators to share their varied heritages and perspectives in never-before-seen storylines that will leave genre fans hungry for more," Goel says projecting revolutionary times ahead for the company.

Since 1979, Fangoria has lived in print and on-screen as one of the most influential horror brands in the industry, along with its companion sci-fi brand Starlog, and niche horror brand Gorezone. Now under the Fangoria umbrella, Fangoria, Starlog, and Gorezone have been ushered into a digitally-dominated world to thrive as iconic genre media destinations, honoring its 40-year legacy through exciting, inclusive, and generation-spanning content, including print and digital magazines, film, TV, podcasts, and more.