Fangoria Entertainment, home of the horror world's #1 magazine, Fangoria, as well as Fangoria Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio and Fangoria TV on the Web, has announced a slate of five horror classics to be screened free during March on its premier movie site,

The online site, which also features a premium subscriber service, will kick off the month on its free service with the March 2-8 screening of the George Romero 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead, featuring a group of zombies terrorizing a small town. Despite its low-budget, the movie has become a horror cult classic for fans everywhere and a blue print for slasher films that come after it. This same week, fans will get another dose of George Romero as Fangoria TV visits the set of his latest production, Diary of the Dead.

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The fun on Fangoria TV continues on March 9-15 with the William Castle 1959 horror masterpiece, House on Haunted Hill, which tells about a group of five people offered $10,000 to stay overnight in a haunted house. It stars Vincent Price who plays the mysterious host, and Elisha Cook Jr., who plays a heavy-drinking visitor to the ghostly goings on. The film marks Castle's high point after directing a long string of movie shockers, earning him a place in the pantheon of great film directors. Also this week, Fangoria TV's original program Ghost Stories amps up the paranormal factor as it pays a visit to Lizzie Borden's infamous Victorian house.

On March 16-22, Fangoria TV offers up director John Llewellyn Moxey's 1960 thriller Horror Hotel, about a young coed who visits a strange European village and then becomes the target of a group of evil witches bent on human sacrifice to preserve their immortality. The British-produced film stars Christopher Lee who plays a sinister college professor, and Nan Barlow as the coed.

For those who like their horror a little more quiet, the 1922 silent film classic Nosferatu is on tap, March 23-29. It details the life of Count Orlok who is looking for a new residence as well as some new victims for his blood thirst. The German-produced film, directed by F.W. Murnau, is based on the Dracula story and has remained a classic vampire tale for all others to follow. It stars Max Schrek as Orlok, and Greta Schroder as Mrs. Hutter, the object of Orlok's attentions.

March 30-April 5 features 1963's Dementia 13, one of Francis Ford Coppola's earliest films and subsequent horror cult classic. The film tells the story of a violent ax murderer and a superstitious family that hides a mysterious secret. Coppola's deft direction despite a low budget shows hints at his later work with The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, among others. It stars William Campbell and Luana Anders. Fangoria TV's Screamography series continues this week with a fascinating interview of horror master John Carpenter who speaks about his latest movie project and his most memorable films.