Fangoria had the perfect response to Vogue's negative article on horror movies in 2018. Horror has only gained in popularity over the last few years, thanks to some pretty awesome and unique projects that have breathed new life into the genre. However, according to Vogue magazine, 2018 has not been as great as many have claimed it to be. David Gordon Green's Halloween has been praised by critics, but horror fanatics haven't really agreed with all of the hype.

The Vogue article makes some good points about the horror genre in 2018, which have been echoed by fans over the course of the last year. But, iconic horror magazine Fangoria isn't having any of it. Vogue's title states that "2018 has not been a good year for horror," which promoted Fangoria to clap back with, "2018 has not been a good year for fashion." While humorous, it also proves a point. Much like fashion, or taste in movies, or music, everybody has their own opinion.

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The younger generation seems to be in love with the new Halloween as well as Hereditary and A Quiet Place. While the substance of those aforementioned movies is questionable, they have all done well for horror in 2018 by bringing the genre back to the box office and putting butts in the seats. Obviously, one can debate forever about whether or not any of these movies can be considered horror, but the same can be said for fashion. Fashion trends come and go, often within a year or less. The horror genre has changed and morphed over the years as well, and some believe that it's for the better.

The whole argument about horror in 2018 is subjective. Just because hardcore horror fanatics aren't into the new Halloween movie, doesn't mean that others aren't enjoying it and gaining inspiration to make their own horror movies. But, the Vogue article does bring up some good points as to why these newer movies might not be as good as last year, or the decade before. Suspiria has been getting mixed reviews, and while it's labeled as a horror movie, it often presents itself as more of an art film, as opposed to horror.

David Gordon Green's Halloween isn't all that scary, which is a bit of a problem for horror movies. It's nice to have Fangoria back and fighting the good fight. Let the horror experts decide if 2018 is a good year for horror or not, and let Vogue stick to fashion and whatever hip new look is in season. With that being said, it's great to see magazines other than Fangoria talk about the state of horror these days. Horror seems to be doing better than it has in decades in the mainstream, which is always a good thing. You can check out the hilarious social media exchange below, thanks to the Fangoria Twitter account.