Good news all you Horror fans who are really starting to miss the convention circuit. We've lost Monsterpalooza and Midsummer Scream this year, not to mention Comic-Con, which quite often caters heavily to the splatter crowd. But we just got word from Fantasia programming director Tony Timpone that the iconic and long dormant Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Convention is revving back up.

The sad news is, Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors revival was planning its official launch in Chicago this October, but has since been postponed. The good news is, they have already confirmed a new date for 2021, and the convention is officially locked. Tony Timpone organizes Monsterpalooza panels and runs Dread Central's screenings. And he's back on the Fangoria masthead, with the magazine having resurrected in February 2018, with the first new issue hitting newsstands and arriving in the mail October 2018, which was fitting as icon Halloween slasher Michael Myers graced the cover.

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The news of Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors relaunched was first mentioned in the latest issue of Fangoria, which landed this past week on April 27. The issue features Saint Maude as its cover story, and you can check out the officially announcement tweet for the movie courtesy of Tony Timpone.

Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors began way back in 1985. The traveling convention focuses manly on horror movies and TV shows. Though they do also showcase other like-minded genres such as suspense and sci-fi. The convention is now solely owned and operated by Fangoria. Over the past couple of years, the convention garnered some attention when an old VHS tape from the 1986 convention went viral. The footage is easy to find on Youtube, and gives horror junkies a taste of what it was like to be alive during one of the greatest eras for the genre.

Timpone also mentioned that he is creating a coffee table book celebrating the golden years of Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors. Currently sifting through thousands of photos he'll be compiling into the book, he's asking horror fans for anecdotes and photos from past conventions which can be emailed to tony at fangoria dot com, subject: Fango cons.

When we finally get to 2021, there will be plenty of new movies on hand to promote. As most of everything that was supposed to be released this year has been postponed or pushed back. As of now, some of the biggest horror releases of the fall haven't been delayed yet. the Candyman reboot will arrive September 25 if all goes according to plan, but that could change at any minute. Halloween Kills is also scheduled to arrive on October 16 as planned. But for now, none of us know what the promotional game will look like at this point. So Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in 2021 may be one of the first chances fans get to see the talent behind these awaited releases talking about their work for the first time.

For now, though Monsterpalooza was canceled for 2020, Son of Monsterpalooza is still on track to happen in Burbank with a September 18, 2020 launch date. So that hasn't been canceled yet. Though it is far to soon to see if that date will stick in place. Midsummer Scream has already announced that they will not be back up and running until summer 2021. We'll have to wait for more news on Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors as no guests are currently announced.