While we await any official word on casting for 20th Century Fox's Fantastic 4, the reboot is currently scouting locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. CLICK HERE to take a look at this production notice posted by Reddit user Xzsekots, which reveals that production is slated to begin in March 2014.

We reported in July that the sequel was shifting production from Vancouver to Louisiana, after a state bill was shot down that would have reduced film tax credits. The state currently offers a 30% credit, along with a 5% labor incentive for hiring state residents. The reboot will be the first superhero movie to shoot in Louisiana.

Josh Trank is directing from a screenplay by Michael Green, Jeremy Slater and Seth Grahame-Smith. Kit Harington, Miles Teller and Jack O'Connell have tested for Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. Samira Wiley and Michael B. Jordan have been rumored to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl and Johnny Storm/The Human Torch. No actors have been mentioned to play Ben Grimm/The Thing yet.

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