Over an illustrious career, actor Jude Law has played many famous roles in many successful films. In recent years, Law has also become a part of Warner Bros.' Fantastic Beasts franchise, and will return in the role of the wizard Albus Dumbledore for Fantastic Beasts 3. During an interview session with his co-star Dan Fogler for his podcast, Dan Folger's 4d Xperience!, Law explained his feeling of reverence for the character of Dumbledore.

"I'm so happy to be in this company and I'm so happy to be playing this character. It feels like every day we make these films, it feels like such a blessing. And there's also such a sense of well, it's the reverence I suppose because they hold such a special place in so many people. Hold people's hearts and lives. I've never really felt that the way I have on this job. The responsibility that comes with that. But it's a beautiful thing too it's like being given a really precious artifact or something that you have to look after, maybe clean up a bit."
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The Fantastic Beasts franchise was kickstarted in 2016 with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Set in the same reality as the Harry Potter series, but decades earlier, the film told the story of Magizoologist Newt Scamander, who comes to America in search of elusive creatures to add to his collection. As the franchise expanded, it became apparent that the real meat of the story related to the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald's attempts to enslave muggles, and the attempts of Dumbledore and his allies to stop Grindelwald.

While the franchise started with a great deal of fanfare, the Fantastic Beasts series has come under a cloud in recent times. First, there were the comments made on Twitter by the series creator J.K. Rowling that were accused of being transphobic. Then one of the lead actors Ezra Miller was caught on camera seemingly assaulting a female fan.

Finally, there was the case of Johnny Depp, who plays Grindelwald. Earlier this year, the actor was locked in an ugly legal battle with his former partner Amber Heard. The fallout from the whole affair affected Depp's standing with Warner Bros., and the actor reported that the studio has asked him to step down from his role in the series, which he subsequently did.

This had led a section of the fandom to demand that the studio reinstate Depp in the role of Grindelwald, while another section is demanding that Colin Farrell be brought in to replace Depp as the Dark Wizard.

Even in the case of Jude Law, his work as Dumbledore is problematic for some fans. Since Rowling had confirmed years ago that Dumbledore is gay, and in love with Grindelwald, some fans are demanding that particular relationship be expanded upon in the films, while not doing so is deemed to be homophobic. It will be interesting to see how much more controversies the franchise can afford to get hit with before Warner decides the whole thing is not worth the trouble, and scrap the series entirely. This news was first reported at cms.megaphone.fm

Neeraj Chand