Is director Josh Trank listening? Terry Crews, who famously petitioned for the role of Luke Cage in Netflix's upcoming series, is now turning his attentions to another Marvel superhero. He wants to play the Silver Surfer. Maybe there's room for him in the already announced Fantastic Four 2, which hits theaters summer 2017?

The role of Luke Cage may have gone to Mike Colter, but Terry Crews is actually quite happy with this casting news. In a recent Reddit AMA, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star had this to say about his ongoing love of superheroes:

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"It's hard to pick a favorite superhero. I always did love Luke Cage, and I'm really, really happy about who they cast in the Netflix version of Luke Cage. So that's something that's already done. But you know who else I'd like to play? The Silver Surfer. I always LOVED - I thought I had the build, the body, I could get on that surfboard, and if they ever do a live-action version of Silver Surfer, I think that would be perfect for me."

Terry Crews was actually perfect for Luke Cage, but may have simply been too old for the part. What do you think about him taking on the role of Silver Surfer? Is he metallic enough for the part? Or did you picture someone with a little less muscles for the part?