In the newest edition of deepfake what ifs, The Office star John Krasinski has had his face digitally inserted over that of Ioan Gruffudd's in order to become Mister Fantastic of Fantastic Four fame. As is often the case, the results offer a mixture of creepy and disturbingly accurate as fans finally get to see what Krasinski might look like should he ever be asked to don the blue spandex of Marvel's first superpowered family. While the voice, body and mannerisms may not match, the clip at least gives us an idea of how well Krasinski (or his face at least) would fare in the role of Mr. Fantastic.

There have been rumors and fan castings for years putting John Krasinski at the head of the superpowered Marvel family as Mr. Fantastic, with the actor himself having expressed his interest in the role multiple times. "You're like, "Do you have any interest in not shattering people's dreams"? [Laughs] I would love to be in the Marvel universe," Krasinski said back in February. "I love those movies because they're fun, but I also think they're really well done. And certainly a lot of my friends are in those movies. I have no idea what [Marvel] are thinking. But if they are considering me for Mr. Fantastic, continue to consider me because I would love it."

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Clearly, Krasinski would not be shattering anyone's dreams should he be given the role, with fans calling for him to play the part for some time now. The actor would surely be a great fit for one of Marvel's smartest characters, and with Krasinski's clear interest in bringing Mr. Fantastic to life, it could very well be that one day we get to see him with grey in his temples and stretchy limbs as the leader of the MCU's first superhero family.

Over the years, studios have struggled to bring the Fantastic Four to life successfully on the big screen. While the two Fantastic Four movies released in 2005 and 2007 were moderate successes, they were far from being critically acclaimed. But fans were about to find out that things could still get a lot worse, with the 2015 reboot directed by Josh Trank, bizarrely titled Fant4stic, bombing hard at the box office.

The...different take on the material was met with derision from fans and critics alike, ultimately ending up as an example of how not to make a comic book movie. Disney's acquisition of Fox Studios has given fans new hope that they might finally see The Fantastic Four given the adaptation that they deserve and stand alongside the likes of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in the MCU.

Krasinski has almost joined the MCU before, having been one of the front runners to become Captain America before Chris Evans was cast. Though it is difficult to imagine him as the star-spangled man, he was recently given the deepfake treatment as such, with the video imagining an alternate MCU with Krasinski as The First Avenger.

Whether we will ever see Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic is currently unknown, though the actor has reportedly had meetings with Marvel about an undisclosed role. While we wait for more to be revealed, you can catch Krasinski in horror sequel A Quiet Place 2 in April 2021. This comes to us from Shamook's YouTube channel.