Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan is reportedly one of the front runners to play Johnny Storm (a.k.a. The Human Torch) in 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four reboot.

While studio sources refused to comment on the casting possibility, sources indicate that the actor has had multiple meetings at the Fox lot in the last week. This news comes just days after another rumor that Girls star Allison Williams is in contention for an unspecified role, which most thought would be Sue Storm (a.k.a. The Invisible Girl).

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Considering that Allison Williams is of Irish Catholic descent, and Sue and Johnny are brother and sister, it's not clear what the thought is here, or how these two actors will work together in a reboot of the franchise. Maybe they are no longer siblings? Maybe they are orphans, and Sue raised Johnny in a number of foster homes? Maybe they are from a mixed family? Anything is possible in a reboot.

If Michael B. Jordan does, in fact, sign on, he will reunite with Chronicle filmmaker Josh Trank, who is directing the reboot from a script by Michael Green. It isn't known when production may begin.

Michael B. Jordan recently starred in the Sundance sensation Fruitvale, and provides the voice of Cyborg in the DC Universe animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.