As it heads into it's second weekend of release, more behind-the-scenes drama is continuing to come forward from the set of the much maligned superhero movie, Fantastic Four. And with some of these wild headlines, you have to wonder if 20th Century Fox is fueling the fire just to get people interested enough in the backstage turmoil to check out the movie. Declared a flop upon release, coming in second place to holdover Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation last weekend, and only earning $33.9 million to date against a $122 million budget, the highly publicized reboot isn't expected to do any better at the box office this weekend. Today, we have more accounts of just how bad things got between the director and his cast and crew. In fact, it's now being reported that Josh Trank and his leading man Miles Teller almost came to blows on set.

The shrapnel from the bomb that is Fantastic Four just keeps continuing to fly, and may leave you wondering if Josh Trank is ever going to work in Hollywood again. There has been a lot of finger-pointing between the young auteur and his studio, 20th Century Fox. Josh Trank delivered the first low blow last Thursday, on the eve of his Marvel superhero reboot hitting screens nationwide. He sent out a Tweet heard around the world in which he basically blamed Fox for all the bad reviews the film was getting. The studio decided to take it's gloves off, and ever since, various inside sources have been crawling forth to spill all kinds of dirt on the production. Most of it really bad.

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This latest account claims that Miles Teller and Josh Trank challenged each other to a fist fight in front of everyone working on set. Earlier reports claim that the director was telling all of the actors when to breath, and even when to blink, ensuring the flattest performances possible. Miles Teller, who plays leader of Marvel's first superhero family Mister Fantastic (aka Reed Richards) was hand-picked by Trank. In fact, the director had to fight hard with the studio to ensure that he even got cast. But that camaraderie between actor and filmmaker soon dissipated.

It has become well know at this point that Miles Teller and Josh Trank did not get along. The director is said to have been quite withdrawn from everybody during shooting, and was also prone to hiding. At one point, he even covered himself with a blanket so he could watch his monitor alone while scenes were taking place. Miles Teller, on the other hand, has a reputation for being loud and sarcastic, and sometimes not very easy to get along with. This made for a combustable, bad combination. It's said that things got so bad at one point, a disagreement between the two brought them chest-to-chest. They stood, daring one another to throw the first punch. Neither of them could bring themselves to start an actual fist fight though. But the tension created in that moment carried itself through the rest of the shoot.

It has been widely reported that Josh Trank did not like his leading lady Kate Mara one bit. He didn't want her in the movie, and when Fox cast her anyway, he became quite cold to her on set. Some have even described his behavior as abusive. One of the most notorious problems came when the director let his dogs tear through a rented house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the movie was being shot. They allegedly racked up quite a damage bill, and when complains came in from the house's owner, it's said that Josh Trank defaced some of the photographs inside the home as he was being evicted.

So far, 20th Century Fox has not made any official announcement on what they plan to do with the June 2017 release date that was given to the sequel The Fantastic Four 2. Fox executives claim they are committed to the franchise, but does that mean they are moving forward with the same cast and crew in place? It seems very unlikely that Josh Trank will be asked back. Rumors claim that Fox wants X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer to direct the sequel, with plans to merge it into a X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover Movie. Other rumors claim that The Fantastic Four 2 is being replaced by Deadpool 2. What do you think should happen?

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