The Fantastic Four might be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe a lot sooner than initially thought. A new rumor suggests a 2022 release date. Ant-Man director Peyton Reed is reportedly campaigning to direct the project, which at this time, would be the first Fox property to get thrown into the mix at Disney. Marvel fans have been waiting for any kind of confirmation about the Fox titles moving forward, but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has said there will be at least another five years before we see any of them on the big screen.

Sources say the Fantastic Four reboot is already in development at Marvel Studios. The new movie will reportedly be set in the 1960s and Peyton Reed, who has expressed interest in taking over the project recently, wants to direct. There is no further information available at this time about the project other than the setting, and the hope for a 2022 release. This is very much a rumor for the time being and Reed may have come to the studio with a pitch to get the reboot off of the ground.

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The Fantastic Four has yet to truly receive a fitting big screen adaptation and Marvel fans have been clamoring for one for years now. Josh Trank helmed the last outing for the popular comic book team, but the movie was a disaster and fans were not happy about the situation, which may or may not have sent Trank's career down a dark place. Now that Disney acquired Fox's Marvel properties, fans have been wondering what everything is going to be like under the new management. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have been constantly hitting homeruns with their MCU projects over the past few years.

Will a Fantastic Four reboot be accepted by fans? That seems like a pretty obvious answer, but it is unclear at this time. Marvel fans have been burned more than once with the franchise, so there's going to be a lot of pressure on Marvel Studios to deliver the goods. With that being said, this is something that Kevin Feige has dreamt about for years now, so fans are trusting that he will be the one to finally steer the ship towards success.

If Marvel Studios is really aiming for a 2022 release date for the Fantastic Four reboot, casting information should be available soon. Additionally, production will also have to start soon in order to have the movie ready for said release. Again, this is just a rumor at the moment, but it seems pretty strong. At the very least, it seems that Peyton Reed is lobbying pretty hard to get the ball rolling on the reboot and he may already have a strong story ready to push the Fantastic Four into the MCU. Whatever the case may be, the Fox properties are on their way and they're about to get a fresh makeover. Geeks Worldwide was the first to report the Fantastic Four news.