It's summer, it's hot and you're parched! So why not reach for one of your favorite Marvel superheroes? They obviously have the power to quench that thirst! At least the Fantastic Four do, as they each get their own flavor of Crush Soda leading into their August release.

We have a fresh look at Marvel's first family with art from Crush's Fantastic Four campaign. Mr. Fantastic, played by Miles Teller, is Grape. Invisible Woman, played by Kate Mara is Strawberry, The Human Torch, played by Michael B. Jordan, is Cherry, and The Thing, played by Jamie Bell, is Orange. When it comes to your thirsty, it's definitely Clobbering time! You can look for these new branded soda cans and 2 liter bottles at a store near you all summer.

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The Crush Soda-Fantastic Four cross promotion offers fans a chance to win free movie tickets by collecting codes from these specially marked bottles and cans. This Fantastic Four reboot is a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel's original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy. Opening in theaters August 7, 2015, take a look as this team of crime fighters sets out to refresh humanity. Evil is about to get thrushed with Crush!

Fantastic Four Crush Soda Art 1
Fantastic Four Crush Soda Art
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange