Many were scared that the Fantastic Four reboot was going to be a gigantic failure, as rumors of reshoots swirled, and news that Fox simply wasn't happy with the movie hit the internet. The first sneak peek at footage has eased some of that worry, with the teaser going onto become the most watched trailer in the studio's history, beating out the previous record holder X-Men: Days of Future Past. Talking with EW, producer Simon Kinberg reiterated that this isn't your average, everyday superhero movie. He then went onto explain just how important Doctor Doom is to the plot.

"Part of what's cool about the Fantastic Four comics is that there's an emphasis on the science of science fiction. And we treat what would normally be considered a superpower as a trauma. They don't just go up a roof, jump off, and start swinging through the city. It's the opposite. What would happen if your body transformed, and you didn't have control over it?"

The first Fantastic Four teaser only hints at Doctor Doom's presence, and we never see the villain as he'll appear in his mask and costume. But don't worry, the character is quite central to the film's storyline, and will get equal time next to his superhero foes:

"He has aspirations and struggles that are a little bit more classically tragic than the other characters. As much as it's an origin story of our heroes, it also tracks how someone can become a villain."

Are you excited to finally see Doctor Doom revealed in all his glory? Recent rumors suggest that the reshoots are bringing the movie to the fictional nation of Latveria. In this version of the story, Doom is rumored to be a blogger named Victor Domashev who goes by the code name Doom. Toby Kebbell has revealed that Doom is an anti-social computer program who is involved with the incident that gives the super heroes their powers. Now that you've seen the trailer, are you more excited to see how this plays out in the movie? Or does it all still sound like a bad idea?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange