Marvel's first family could be quietly getting ready for a big screen comeback. Disney is potentially days away from closing its $71.3 billion purchase of the vast majority of 21st Century Fox's media assets, which includes all of the movie studio 20th Century Fox. For Marvel fans, that means the X-Men and The Fantastic Four rights will be back with Marvel, which is also owned by Disney. While there has been no announcement that any projects are in development involving these properties, a new report indicates that may not be entirely true.

We must caution right up top, as always with these things, that this hasn't been confirmed by anyone at the studio level or anyone who is involved with the alleged project. Therefore, this should only be regarded as a rumor for the time being. With that having been said, a new report claims that Kevin Feige and Co. are already working on a new Fantastic Four movie behind the scenes. Details are, at present, quite scarce but it's said that the movie would focus on Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm in their "20s or 30s."

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It's also said that this movie would be taking the group on a "cosmic adventure" that would see them exploring space. Specifically, it will be based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis, which re-imagined the early days of the team in an alternate universe not set within the main Marvel Comics continuity. Additionally, and perhaps most crucially, it states that Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom, will not be the villain in this new movie. While that may seem like sacrilege to some degree, it's probably the right move at this point.

So far, the Fantastic Four movies that have been made, save for Rise of the Silver Surfer, have had Doctor Doom as the big baddie. Not to say that those movie's problems can or should be blamed on that choice, but it's all about doing something different and trying to distance this movie, which would take place inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from what has come before.

Not for nothing, but Fargo creator Noah Hawley was working on a Doctor Doom movie that we assume will not move forward once the Disney/Fox merger closes. Also of note; in Iron Fist season 2 there was a tiny Fantastic Four Easter egg in the form of a building identified as "42 Baxter," which seemed to allude to the Baxter Building in New York City that Reed Richards and the gang call home. And Marvel Comics finally brought back the Fantastic Four comics last summer, not coincidentally after the Fox deal had been announced.

Last time Fox brought these beloved characters to the big screen it was a total disaster. 2015's Fantastic Four, directed by Josh Trank, was absolutely thrashed by fans and critics alike, earning just $167 million worldwide. Even if this rumor is true, this movie wouldn't be coming our way for a few years at the earliest, which allows plenty of time for that stink to air out. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the alleged project come to light. This was first reported by We Got This Covered.