With less than eight months until The Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters this August, we still haven't seen anything from this highly-anticipated project, with the lone exception of a selfie taken by the main cast in August as production was winding down. While it remains to be seen when the first trailer and official photos of the cast will debut, actor Miles Teller, who plays Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic), revealed why he signed onto the reboot in a new interview with Digital Spy. The project marks his first foray into the superhero world. The actor reveals that he doesn't know if he would have signed on if it was a project like Spider-Man, where all of the focus is on him.

"If it was Spider-Man, that entire movie's on my shoulders and that's a more isolating experience. I don't know if I would be into it, but the fact that it's a movie that I knew we'd share... the superhero world, that's a whole different animal. That's a pretty serious commitment."

When asked if he had to be convinced to take on the project, Miles Teller broke down the reasons that ultimately lead to him becoming the new Mr. Fantastic.

"I guess with anything, I have to be convinced of it. Just because somebody offers you a really big movie, unless the script is kind of there and unless you really believe in the director's vision, it's not going to make sense. Once we started kind of compiling the cast, I knew Michael B. Jordan was attached to it, because we were filming a movie together at the time he was attached to it, so that was intriguing to me. Then, Josh Trank having done Chronicle, and I thought he did a really great job with that, without a lot of money, so give him a lot of money and see what he can do. And, yeah, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, all actors I watch and respect and admire."