One of these days, 20th Century Fox will get around to releasing the first footage and/or photos from The Fantastic Four, which fans have been eagerly awaiting ever since production wrapped in August. A few days ago, a Reddit user who calls himself "MrBlueFox," revealed new details from the reboot. His posts were completely deleted shortly thereafter, which does lend some credence to its authenticity, but we have no way of confirming whether these details are true or not. "MrBlueFox" claims to be a "20th Century Fox employee" who alleges that he "was contacted to work on the 2nd rough cut" of the reboot as an editor. There may be some spoilers below, so read on at your own risk.

First off, "MrBlueFox" assured fans that The Fantastic Four "isn't a complete trainwreck" and is "a genuinely good movie." He also added that the film stays true to the characters and "the original love story between two of the characters." Since "MrBlueFox" doesn't automatically mention Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Sue Storm (Kate Mara) as the romantic couple, some believe "MrBlueFox" is alluding to the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, where Sue falls for Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell). This mystery man also said that the film, "feels like Chronicle 2," while adding how frustrated he is that 20th Century Fox hasn't released any footage or images, claiming the company, "has no reason to be secretive - seriously."

"MrBlueFox" also confirmed a report from November that Doctor Doom's real name has been changed from Victor Von Doom to Victor Domashev (Toby Kebbell), a programmer and Internet blogger who works for Sue Storm at the Baxter Institution (the new name for the Baxter Building). Doom's look will reportedly be similar to the leaked photos from the set, aside from some "CG enhancements," and it is also said that Domashev wants to return to his homeland of Latveria. "MrBlueFox" hints that towards the end of the movie, Domashev will tell the Fanastic Four that, "he can do 'good' with his powers and help his homeland." There are also several hints dropped in the story that he will become the "ruler of Latveria."

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The "Negative Zone," or "N-Zone," which is where The Fantastic Four receive their powers, will be very important in this new story, with roughly 30 minutes of screen time being spent there. "MrBlueFox" added that The Thing's design is "more or less the same" as the photos that leaked last year. What do you think about these new details? Chime in with your thoughts below.