Are you ready for the Fantastic Four to make their glorious return to the world of Marvel? Well, you are at least halfway in luck, because it sounds like half of the famous Marvel Comics foursome are making their way back to the publisher's lineup in the near future. We are probably getting a new Fantastic Four comic, but this time, it'll be more like the Fantastic Two, or something like that.

The news comes directly from Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso who, without saying much, pretty much said everything we need to hear. He posted a picture featuring Ben Grimm, aka Thing, sporting the classic Fantastic Four belt on his signature blue bottoms. Only with a twist. Instead of the usually appropriate number 4 on his belt, it is a number 2, heavily implying that Marvel's famous supergroup is going to be a duo this time around. Alonso's caption only furthers that idea.

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"It takes 2"

Even if it is just two of the four members of the Fantastic Four, this is a pretty big deal. The group hasn't been present in Marvel Comics since the end of the Secret Wars crossover event, and Marvel decided to end the Fantastic Four comic in April of 2015 at issue 645. Given that 20th Century Fox currently holds the movie rights to the characters and that was four months before the release of the failed Fantastic Four reboot, it seemed like a safe bet that the publisher was doing this to spite their rival studio in some way. Granted, Marvel never confirmed that, and even if that were the case, it isn't as though they could come right out and say it. But now, more than two years later, it looks like their return is imminent. In some form or another.

Warning: some minor spoilers ahead for the current Guardians of the Galaxy comic and some other general Marvel Comics happenings. Following the events of Secret Wars, Reed Richards and Sue Storm, along with their children Valeria and Franklin, took a journey into the Multiverse to try and repair the destruction caused by the war. They have been there ever since. Ben Grimm joined up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, but recently returned to earth. As for Johnny Storm, he joined up with the Inhumans. However, given this tease from Axel Alonso, we can guess that he'll be back with his old buddy Ben very soon.

As for the Fantastic Four on the big screen, rumor has it Fox is currently working on a new movie that would center on Reed and Sue's kids Valeria and Franklin, with more of an Incredibles vibe to it. Marvel Studios insists they have no plans for Fantastic Four and Fox doesn't seem to want to give up the rights. So, why not bring them back into the comics? No sense in keeping some fan-favorite characters out of the comic book side of things. You can check out the Fantastic Four tease photo from Axel Alonso for yourself below.