While Warner Bros. and DC have tried for years to launch a Plastic Man movie, they still haven't found the right way to do the character justice. Not even with their upcoming slate of superhero films. But Marvel and 20th Century Fox long beat them to the punch with their official Fantastic Four movie way back in 2005. Its true that Mister Fantastic shares some of the same stretching abilities, which were put on display in two sequels. Now a reboot is coming this summer. So what will this new stretchable superhero look like? While we didn't get to see Mister Fantastic go to work in the trailer, actor Miles Teller, who is rebooting the iconic role of Reed Richards, offers an answer.

Speaking with Empire, the actor doesn't exactly explain the science behind Reed Richards, but he does explain that he tried to learn the meaning behind the technical dialogue as best he could. He then went onto compare Reed's struggles with a teenage boy going through puberty:

"If he's this gummy guy slinging around, it looks ridiculous. What does that feel like for a young guy, to have no control over his body?"

Miles Teller then goes onto call himself a layman scientist, as he still has no real specialized knowledge of what stretching effects would have on the human body. But don't worry, his Reed Richards will be as smart as the character appears in Marvel comics. He says:

"It was good talking with our advisors on set, whether it's the quantum physics stuff or biomechanics. I always want to know enough about the stuff before I say it. But I'm on layman's terms with the science. I'm a layman's Reed Richards!"

When will we get to see Reed Richards stretch? Sue turn invisible? Johnny flame on? The frontside of Thing? Hopefully some of these important elements will be revealed in the next trailer. Until then, we'll have to be content with word from the cast and crew. What do you think so far?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange