Even before Fantastic Four opened, most fans felt something didn't smell right. And when it arrived in theaters this past August, it was declared dead on arrival. The superhero reboot stands as one of the biggest bombs of 2015. And during that first week of release, there was a lot of finger pointing as the director and studio played the blame game. Now, one of the stars of the movie has come forward to offer his take on the situation.

At no point did Toby Kebbell, who played iconic villain Doom, ever feel he was making a bad movie while Fantastic Four was in production. But he does hint that there was a lack of collaboration between director Josh Trank and the rest of the crew. And that has resulted in a movie that didn't sit well with anyone. Toby Kebbell sides with the fans. Speaking with IGN, he had this to say about the dire situation.

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"I was disappointed, but the fans aren't wrong. The fans want what they want to see and if they don't get satisfaction, they let you know. I appreciate that as a performer. My job is to come in and perform as best I can, and hopefully be directed in that path, and I felt like I was. I felt like the film was going to go well. It didn't turn out that the fans felt that way, so their reaction is honest, I can only appreciate honesty."

Thus far, the Fantastic Four reboot has pulled in $56.1 million in domestic box office receipts. That's bounced off a $120 million production budget. The film has fared better overseas, but still isn't considered an international hit by any means. The film currently holds a worldwide gross of $167.9 million. It has yet to arrive on home video or VOD. Toby Kebbell was asked if he learned anything playing the villain role of Doctor Doom. This was his response, admitting that he should have been more vocal on set about some of the choices he saw being made.

"I don't know if I learned anything from Doom apart from perhaps when I see something I don't agree with, to voice that immediately. I think it's important. As an actor, you're conscious that your career is at stake with each job, especially on these larger productions. A film like that comes out, and I'm being sent maybe four scripts in a week, and those scripts go to zero when it doesn't come out successful, so that actively affects my career. I think it's vitally important that if there's a problem on set, that it's voiced and we solve it there and I think that collaboration is very important. Not to say that didn't happen on set, but the collaboration is vital and if we don't do that, then we suffer."

Victor Von Doom, who starts out as part of Reed Richard's team before being abandoned in another dimension only to return as a super villain, was one of the film's few highlights. Though he was barely in the movie. And his climatic fight at the end was truncated due to reshoots. The actor will return in Warcraft next summer. We can only hope that's not another massive failure. Though, the recent released trailer has not been accepted with open arms. At this time, 20th Century Fox has not canceled The Fantastic Four 2. It is firmly holding onto that summer 2017 release date. Hard to believe, we know. But perhaps the studio is waiting to see how the movie fares on the home market before making a final decision about it's fate.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange