20th Century Fox is set to debut the first trailer for The Fantastic Four reboot in theaters on February 13, attached to prints of Kingsman: The Secret Service, but it isn't known if the studio will release the trailer online before then. While we wait for this first footage to debut, many are hoping that the studio will also release the first photos of the cast, since we haven't seen any official images from the reboot thus far. Today, Nerdist's sources offered new details about the costumes, which they gave to their own artists who come up with unofficial renderings of what the costumes may look like. These images are not of official artwork from 20th Century Fox, but these artistic renderings are all we have to go on until the first trailer is released. Here's what Nerdist's Jessica Chobot had to say about Miles Teller's Mr. Fantastic suit.

"His suit has springs built into the fabric, to make sure that when his arms and legs stretch out uncontrollably, his limbs will snap back into place without anyone noticing. This version of The Fantastic Four is already more practical and grounded than anything we've seen in the past. Boy genius Reed Richards has designed these suits not for crime-fighting, but so their team can live their normal lives without their powers being revealed. These are like Act II suits, the look the team will sport for a majority of the movie, before getting into their final, more classical superhero costumes."

She also describes Michael B. Jordan's Johnny Storm costume, which has been "ventilated."

"To make sure he doesn't explode the gas station when he stops to fill up, Reed has designed a ventilated suit for Johnny, to allow him to blow off some steam. Word has it that the hot-blooded hero actually winds up with his own TV show about his superpower in the film, so it seems this costume isn't the most effective at hiding his abilities. Our source only got a quick glimpse at this one, so it's probably the least accurate, but there are vents."

Here's what Jessica Chobot had to say about Jamie Bell's Ben Grimm costume, although their source did not get a sneak peek at Kate Mara's Sue Storm costume.

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"Ben Grimm is played by skinny boy Jamie Bell, so you can expect him to look a lot slimmer than human tank Michael Chiklis did in the last Fantastic Four movie, and more angular than that faked leaked photo from a few months back. That said, he's no less durable. Rumor is that this version of The Thing is pretty much indestructible, a quality the U.S. government would really like to replicate in their soldiers."

Take a look at the artistic renditions of The Fantastic Four reboot costumes below. Hopefully we'll get to see an official photo of the cast in costume before the first trailer debuts, so stay tuned for that. What do you think of Mr. Fantastic's spring-loaded costume and Human Torch's ventilated suit? Are you more or less excited to see how these will look on the big screen now?