20th Century Fox is currently eyeing Chronicle director Josh Trank to take over the helm of their Fantastic Four reboot. But the studio is waiting to see how Chronicle, his directorial debut, opens over Super Bowl weekend before officially offering him the job.

Chronicle is a found-footage faux-documentary about a group of three high school friends who acquire an extraordinary set of telepathic powers. This superhero thriller is garnering a lot of buzz inside the filmmaking world, and word is 20th Century Fox has a hit on their hands. Though, fans of the genre can be quite fickle, so these types of movies are never a sure thing.

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Fox is currently awaiting the latest draft of Fantastic Four from Michael Green, who, honestly, didn't really do all that well with his last project Green Lantern. This new Fantastic Four is a complete overhaul of 2005's Fantastic Four and 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, offering a tweaked spin on the mythology and an entirely new cast.

Alongside Fantastic Four, 20th Century Fox is also continuing to move forward on the stand-alone R rated X-Men spin-off Deadpool, as well as a revamped Daredevil. 20th Century Fox owns these Marvel properties in perpetuity as long as they keep making films based on them.

It is likely that Fantastic Four will be the next Marvel adventure from the studio.