It seems like we've had nearly a year to let the news sink in that Michael B. Jordan is the Human Torch (aka Johnny Storm) in 20th Century Fox's planned The Fantastic Four reboot. The rumor has been in place for months now, and it was just confirmed earlier this week. Yet, some people still can't handle the fact that the actor, known best as Haddie's love interest on NBC's Parenthood and seen in the recent movies Chronicle, Fruitvale Station and That Awkward Moment, is taking on the character.

Most of the controversy comes from the color of his skin. Michael B. Jordan is an African-American actor taking on a role that was originated as a Caucasian male. Johnny Storm was last seen on screen as the embodiment of American values himself, Chris Evans, who went onto play the most patriotic of Marvel characters Captain America. There are arguments being made on both sides of the fence, and it makes for a very touchy subject.

Now, Michael B. Jordan has responded to the criticism with a quick, dignified, very true statement. Hounded on his way to dinner by TMZ, the actor had this to say...

"Nah, they're still going to go see it anyway!"

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The actor is apparently unaffected by any criticism or negativity pointed at his casting. It is unclear yet how it will be explained in the movie, as his sister, Sue Storm (aka The Invisible Girl) will be played by Kate Mara, a European-American of Caucasian descent. Will they have different dads? Is Sue adopted? Do they have mixed race parents, and one of the babies happens to be lighter skinned then the other one (that's a story happening right now on his former series Parenthood)? Maybe it won't be explained at all.

Where do you stand on this controversy? Are you going to go see the movie anyway? Or will you boycott this reboot based on the color of a character's skin? That sounds racist, but the argument is being made.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange