The Divergent Series: Insurgent is finally in theaters this weekend, with most of the cast participating in the recent press tour. This means we've had no shortage of star Miles Teller as he brings the world more insight into his comic book reboot Fantastic Four. While he may only get limited screen time in Insurgent, he is the leader of Marvel's first superhero family. And he seems pretty excited by the opportunity. While his initial statements during filming seemed to indicate that we were getting a Fantastic Four that strayed far from the comics, his recent comments offer a bit more fan-service. He doesn't want to scare anyone away, while also trying to express that this is a 'slightly' different take on the material. As we've heard before, he goes onto compare the movie to the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series.

Miles Teller wants you to know that they are bringing a sense of humanity back to these superhero characters. Yes, it will be grounded in reality, and they are doing their own thing. But don't let that frighten you off. Speaking with Moviefone, he talks about seeing footage for the first time, while teasing what we can expect to see when the movie hits later this summer:

"When I saw the sizzle trailer, that was the first I had seen of it. I saw that at the same time as everyone else, literally. I was excited about it. Because when you're shooting a movie you can kind of get a sense of the tone of it from the director and how they're directing it, but in terms of how you shoot it, the lighting and everything, you're not aware of it. Because I'm just in a scene and I'm talking to another actor but the way he's seeing it in his head, where it's grittier or darker, I'm not acting grittier or darker. All that stuff comes in with the edit. So I'm excited by it. All the actors are really interesting in those parts and it should be fun. I hope people go on that ride with us. Because we're making it our own, we're taking a lot from the "Ultimate Fantastic Four" but I think we're humanizing these characters in a way that's never been done."

Miles Teller went onto talk about his co-star in the movie, Jamie Bell. As you may know, Jamie Bell is set to play The Thing, which won't allow for the actor to appear on screen as himself for most of the duration. About that, Miles Teller explains:

"Well, Jamie was there, he was doing this thing, and Jamie has done a lot of motion capture performances before. He was Tin-Tin, so he's great. I love watching that kid act."

The Fantastic Four 2 has already been given a June 9, 2017 release date at 20th Century Fox, so we don't have to worry over whether or not this new reboot will be good enough to warrant a sequel. Fox seems to have faith. And it may allow for Mister Fantastic to engage in more superhero activities, once the origin story is out of the way. About that, Miles Teller says:

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"I mean, the more superhero stuff you get to do, the cooler it is. We'll see what happens, but yes, absolutely, as the thing evolves they should start to materialize to the Fantastic Four [that] people more readily associate with."

Before the first trailer arrived, there was a rumor going around that Fox hated director Josh Trank's take on the material, and that's why reshoots were needed. While the sequel has been announced, Josh Trank's return hasn't. Miles Teller is asked if Trank will direct The Fantastic Four 2. He dodges the question, instead revealing that writer and producer Simon Kinberg will most likely return whether or not Josh Trank decides to take on a second installment:

"I'm assuming [writer/producer Simon] Kinberg is going to be back because he is so good at creating those worlds. He's invaluable to Fox. He's really smart and seems to have a good handle on these worlds and what he was able to do with 'X-Men' and being able to re-energize that with the younger cast."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange