With production already wrapped on 20th Century Fox's superhero reboot The Fantastic Four, new plot details have been leaked that may reveal how the four main characters receive their incredible super powers. There will be SPOILERS that follow, so read on at your own risk.

Schmoes Know reports that Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) receive their powers after an experiment goes terribly wrong, and creates a portal into another dimension. This is quite similar to how the Ultimate Fantastic Four characters attain their powers, after a teleporter experiment goes awry.

When the cast was announced back in February, many fans thought the reboot would be based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, which feature a much younger group of heroes than the original version. However, Kate Mara revealed in July that the story isn't based on any of the Fantastic Four comic books, but these story details, if confirmed, indicate that the filmmakers are at least using the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics as a loose inspiration for the reboot.

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Some fans have also been wondering how the brother-sister dynamic will work between the caucasian Kate Mara and the African-American Michael B. Jordan as Sue and Johnny Storm. Schmoes Know's source claims that Sue Storm is adopted by Johnny Storm's parents, which makes sense since we reported in May that African-American character actor Reg E. Cathey is playing Johnny and Sue's father.

The reboot is also said to be very character-driven, with a bulk of the story focusing on the relationships between the main characters and Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell).

What do you think about these new plot details? Are you more excited to see The Fantastic Four now? Chime in with your thoughts below.