For all of 2014, 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four was shrouded in mystery, with no photos of the cast or story details revealed at all. Just a few months in to 2015, we already have two new trailers, with more information slowly starting to trickle in, as we inch closer to the August 7 release date. The studio has debuted an official website for the superhero reboot, which includes new photos and character bios that shed some interesting light on these characters. Each character is also given a "report" by Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), the father of Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan). Take a look at the photos and character descriptions below, which tease that Reed Richards' (Miles Teller) powers are quite different than in the comic books.

Reed Richards - Miles Teller

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Fantastic Four Miles Teller Photo

Reed Richards is a scientific prodigy who has been quietly exploring the universe's deepest mysteries in his garage, after school. After being transformed by one of his experiments, he can warp the space around him, and appear to stretch his body into impossible forms and to incredible lengths.

Dr. Franklin Storm's Report:

Reed Richards, a scientific prodigy. Unfortunately his home life was not condusive to intellectual growth. I've seen it before, an ambitious mind in a hostile environment, groundbreaking ideas mistaken for delusions. He has yet to reach his full potential. With help I have faith he will get there.

Sue Storm - Kate Mara

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Photo

Sue is brilliant and beautiful, independent and sarcastic. The power to become invisible and to generate her own force-fields can make her harder to reach than ever - but that won't stop some of her teammates, especially Reed, from trying.

Dr. Franklin Storm's report:

Sue Storm, independent and prefers to work alone which is no surprise. She wasnt always the easiest child but she is her own person. Her mind is unique, operating at a different tempo, visualizing things the rest of us can't see. If only she would let us in, the possibilities are endless.

Johnny Storm - Michael B. Jordan

Fantastic Four Michael B. Jordan Photo

A troublemaker and a thrill-seeker, Johnny is the rock star of the team. His powers allow him to shoot fireballs, fly at breakneck speed, and really light it up.

Dr. Franklin Storm's report:

Johnny Storm, extremely bright and good-natured but unfocused with unbridled energy. His acts of defiance compensate for feelings of insecurity and at times his rebelliousness is a distraction. I need to help him see the value of his contributions. And also, teach him how to be a team player.

Ben Grimm - Jamie Bell

Fantastic Four Jamie Bell Photo

A rare breed of brawn and heart, Ben is warm, even sensitive, despite his rough-and-tumble upbringing. He is rock-solid - in more ways than one. A loyal and protective friend, his stone body gives him epic strength and makes him virtually indestructible.

Dr. Franklin Storm's report:

Ben, uncooperative, disinterested and far from a team player. Ben's abrasiveness stems from a callous upbringing and though he is despondent there is hope. As he is fiercely protective of his friends, perhaps I can break through to him by earning his loyalty, but this will be no easy task.

The most interesting part of these character bios is Reed Richards ability to "warp the space around him." This has never been seen in the previous films or comic books before. It seems Mr. Fantastic has a whole new set of powers, along with the ability to stretch his body. Fans can also go "under the microscope" on each character's page on the official website, which shows how each character's cell structure was altered after the experiment goes awry. Reed's "under the microscope" entry suggests that "micro black hole energy" is what's responsible for his powers. CLICK HERE to explore the website for yourself, and stay tuned for more on Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four Photo