Director Josh Trank's Chronicle wasn't without it's humorous moments. But overall, it was a dark, gritty and somewhat realistic take on the superhero genre. From what we've seen so far, his Fantastic Four reboot sounds like it will bring more of the same. Some fans are worried that it will be too dark, like some of the DC Comics movies. Especially since it has been compared to David Cronenberg films like The Fly and Scanners. Star Miles Teller, who plays superhero team leader Mister Fantastic, doesn't wan't you to worry about that too much. The film has also been likened to the Amblin movies of the 80s, and it will have some funny moments set against its bleak backdrop. The actor says:

"You should have some laughs in there. You want to see some enjoyment and The Thing better say 'It's clobbering time'."

Many believe this will be a complete 360 from what was presented in the original comic books. While it does put a twist on the often told origin story, it will also adhere to what has come before it. Miles Teller isn't completely abandoning Marvel's original structure. He explains:

"We were looking to kind of put our stamp on it. We were looking to pay respect to the history of the characters but to bring them up to date."

MTV also asked Miles Teller one of the more important questions. Will we ever see Fantastic Four crossover with X-Men, since both are at 20th Century Fox? He obviously doesn't know the answer to that, but he does offer this:

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"I would love to kick it with Wolverine. I don't know what we would talk about, but..."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange