Fantastic Four: Accoridng to a report over at Cinescape, new sets have been erected in Vancouver for the upcoming comic book adaptation, Fantastic Four...

word has reached us of an important and rather large set that's been constructed inside an off-limits sound stage somewhere in Vancouver. Inside this building the creators of the FF movie have created a replica of part of New York City's famous Brooklyn Bridge, a landmark to the Big Apple for many decades and also a place where we've learned will require the special services of the Fantastic Four. RELATED: Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Wanted to Be Deadpool, Thinks Reed Richards 'Would Be Fun'

The mock bridge has been designed so that it's sturdy enough to support plenty of vehicles including (or so we've been told) ambulances, fire trucks and police cars, and it will be the focus of a major action sequence during the first act of the film. Construction on the bridge set has been going on for nearly all of this month.

In addition we've also learned that part of a downtown Vancouver parking lot will be dressed to look like a garden in the heart of New York City.

Filming on the FANTASTIC FOUR film will run until December. The movie is scheduled for release in July 2005.