How's this for a superhero Valentine? According to screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg, The Fantastic Four teaser trailer will finally make its debut in theaters on February 13. It will be attached to 20th Century Fox's other comic book adaptation, the critically acclaimed action thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service. Guess who's not seeing Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine's Weekend now, mom?

Simon Kinberg felt compeled to reach out to Latino Review yesterday, /fantastic-four-reboot-reshoots/after a story started making the rounds that director Josh Trank had made one 'mess' of a movie that was way too similar to his feature film debut Chronicle. Some even called it Chronicle 2. The rumor made sense, since Fox has refused to show any sort of footage or images from the production. And earlier in the week, producer Matthew Vaughn had told us all publicly that if we 'loved Chronicle' we'd 'like The Fantastic Four'.

Yesterday's story claimed that Fox was demanding reshoots. Badass Digest later clarified that reshoots have been scheduled for over a month now, and are in place to add more 'action' to the movie. Simon Kinberg further explained the situation to Latino Review, confirming these reshoots:

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To confirm - Fantastic Four will be doing 3-4 days of additional photography with director Josh Trank and some key cast members. We are very excited about the film and can't wait for you to see what we've been up to. And you will be able to do that very soon as I can confirm here that the teaser will be on Kingsman in theaters February 13."

This seems like quite a bit of hubbub all of a sudden for a movie that hasn't gotten very much attention. Which ever conspiracy you'd like to pull out of the air, the spotlight is now being pulled towards The Fantastic Four. Will it be worth it when it's all done? As Latino Review points out, World War Z caught some bad press before its release for being a 'mess'. It went onto become a massive blockbuster with a sequel on its way. This Valentine's weekend, we'll be a little closer to knowing if this version of The Fantastic Four is worth our time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange