A man without a true home finds an unlikely ally as he fights for survival in the first international trailer for Far from Men. Viggo Mortensen stars as Daru, a teacher who is caught in the crossfire of the Algerian War, where he is forced to escort a dissident named Mohamed (Reda Kateb) to the police. As the war gets more dangerous, Daru and Mohamed must work together to escape through the Atlas mountains.

In addition, we also have new photos from director David Oelhoffen's drama, which will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 1, before its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9.

The year is 1954, the Algerian War is beginning, and village school teacher Daru (Viggo Mortensen), who formerly served with the French army, is caught in the crossfire. Born in Algeria but Spanish by lineage, he's a man out of time and place, perceived as alien by ethnic Algerians and their French colonizers alike. When Daru is ordered to escort a dissident named Mohamed (Reda Kateb) to a regional police garrison, he's prompted to question where his loyalties truly lie. That inquiry becomes all the more pointed as rebels and soldiers begin to clash, forcing Daru and his captive to form a tenuous alliance as they flee through the treacherous, wintry Atlas mountains.

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