Although the status of the U.S. space program is in flux, those wishing to explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos need to look no further than Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-ray Edition. This November, home viewers will be transported through a wormhole across a thousand galaxies to the stunningly original universe of this groundbreaking cult classic from The Jim Henson Company, finally available in spectacular hi-def! Bringing together all four complete seasons (88 episodes) and over 15 hours of bonus programming across 20 blu-ray discs, this definitive collection, optimized for HD from the European PAL masters - the highest quality available source elements -- delivers the most optimal viewing experience for the series which TV Guide named "one of television's best cult shows ever". And, on November 15, it will be available for fans both new and old for $199.95 SRP.

Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-ray

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A+E Networks Home Entertainment, one of the pioneers of TV DVD collectibles, and The Jim Henson Company have worked closely together to guarantee that this Blu-ray Edition will satisfy the series loyal fan base. "With Farscape, we work hard to meet our fans' high expectations and this new Blu Ray release utilizes the highest quality source materials available so I know our audience will not be disappointed," said Brian Henson, Chairman of The Jim Henson Company and executive producer of Farscape. "A+E Networks Home Entertainment has met all the challenges that, given the nature and age of the series, are inherent with a show like Farscape and the result is that all four seasons of Farscape look better than ever before."

The superb High-Def picture and sound isn't the only cause for celebration as this set also includes a brand-new documentary: Memories of Moya: An Epic Journey Explored featuring revealing new interviews with creators Brian Henson and Rockne S. O'Bannon, writer Richard Manning, and stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black as they look back at the legacy of the sci-fi classic.

In addition to this new documentary, the Farscape Blu-ray set also includes ALL of the bonus material from the bestselling DVD release: over 15 hours episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, trailers, promos and more.

An imaginative fusion of live action, state-of-the-art puppetry, prosthetics and CGI, Farscape, produced by The Jim Henson Company in association with RHI Entertainment, featured mind-boggling alien life forms, dazzling special effects, edge-of-your-seat thrills, irreverent humor and unforgettable characters -- all brought to rich life by the creative minds at Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Strap in and hold on tight for the extraordinary adventures of astronaut John Crichton, (Ben Browder) who, after a freak accident, finds himself surrounded by hostile aliens and soaring through the cosmos aboard Moya, a glorious living space ship. Hunted by the relentless Peacekeepers, he allies himself with Moya's crew -- Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black), Luxan warrior Ka D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe), azure priestess Zhaan (Virginia Hey), spritely Nebari thief Chiana (Gigi Edgley), Dominar Rygel, the deposed royal ruler of the Hynerian Empire and Pilot - to search for a way out of this inconceivably alien world and return home.

In addition to the complete Blu-ray Edition, day-and-date, A+E Networks Home Entertainment will also release single season blu-ray sets. Each BD release in Farscape: The Complete Seasons 1-4 Blu-ray Editions will contain over 18 hours of cosmically cool entertainment -- 22 episodes on five discs packed with incisive and stimulating bonus features for $69.95 SRP.

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Blu-ray Includes:

  • 20 Blu-ray discs featuring 88 complete and unedited episodes from the four-season run (1999-2003), remastered from the highest quality source material available
  • - Collectible packaging featuring all-new series artwork
  • - 29 Episode Commentaries, including Premiere with Brian Henson, Rockne S. O'Bannon and Ben Browder; Jeremiah Crichton with Claudia Black, Producer/Writer David Kemper, Browder and O'Bannon; Bone to Be Wild with Anthony Simcoe; Relativity with Lani John Tupu (Crais/Voice of Pilot) and Director Peter Andrikidis; and, Bad Timing which features Browder, Black and Kemper discussing the series' final episode.
  • - A Brand-New documentary - Memories of Moya: An Epic Journey Explored featuring revealing new interviews with the cast and creators.
  • - Multiple featurettes and documentaries including "In the Beginning: A Look Back with Brian Henson"; "Making of a Space Opera" and "Inside Farscape: Save Farscape," on which fans, cast and crew discuss the fate of their beloved series.
  • - Multiple video profiles featuring archival clips and cast/crew discussing their characters and roles on Farscape.
  • - Over 90 minutes of deleted scenes.
  • - Slideshows and archival photo galleries, including character concepts and promo photos.
  • - Production design galleries featuring screenshots, rough drafts and concept slide shows.
  • - Behind-the-Scenes interviews with Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Virginia Hey, Gigi Edgley, Paul Goddard (Stark), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius) and more.
  • - Original TV promos and trailers