Before she became Wonder Woman, the most iconic superheroine in the world, Gal Gadot first made a mark in Hollywood in the role of Gisele Yashar in the Fast and Furious franchise. Gadot subsequently left the franchise in search of greener prospects. In an interview with MTV, the actress admitted she is not currently looking to revisit the character of Gisele.

"Oh wow, I don't know [if Gisele will reurn]. I have no idea. Right now it's not on my to-do list."
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Gal Gadot first showed up in the Fast and Furious films as Gisele in the fourth movie in the franchise. Gisele was the liaison for Arturo Braga who developed feelings for Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, who did not reciprocate her feelings. Gisele then showed up in the next film in the series, Fast Five, where her beauty and excellent driving skills captured the attention of Han, and the two wound up together.

The final appearance of Gisele in the franchise took place in Fast and Furious 6. Owen Shaw had gone on a vengeance-fuelled rampage against Dom's crew. Gadot's character played an important part in tracking his movements and sacrificed her life while saving Han as they attempted to stop a plane.

Afterward, a picture of Gisele showed up briefly in Furious 7 amongst Han's personal belongings. There was also a scene filmed for the movie and subsequently cut, which would have revealed that it was Gisele who found Letty's body after Fenix tried to kill her, and it was Gisele who had Letty hospitalized. From Gadot's latest comment, it does not seem likely that the deleted scene will lead to anything concrete regarding Gisele in the upcoming Fast and Furious installments.

Gadot's reluctance to return to the role of Gisele is understandable. After all, that part was never going to be anything more than a minor role in a large ensemble cast. Considering that Gadot is currently one of the highest-grossing actresses in Hollywood, with a slew of big-budget projects in the works where she is the sole female lead, reprising the part of Gisele would be a step back in her career.

Still, a brief cameo in a Fast and Furious movie should not be completely off the cards. After all, the character of Han is set to make his triumphant return from the dead, and Gisele was an important part of Han's life. It would be a nice way for Gadot to show fans she has not forgotten her roots if she shows up for a few minutes at Han's side in the upcoming F9.

With or without Gadot, the Fast and Furious franchise is powering full speed ahead as one of the most lucrative action franchises in Hollywood's history, with stunts and action scenes that could put any superhero movie to shame. While Gadot might never show up as Gisele again, she will be seen opposite another Fast and Furious alum, Dwayne Johnson, in their upcoming Netflix movie co-starring Ryan Reynolds, Red Notice.