The world of the Fast & Furious franchise loves adding a new celebrity figure to each incoming installment, with the upcoming ninth movie, Fast & Furious 9, bringing on board WWE superstar John Cena as Vin Diesel's estranged brother, Jakob Toretto. After being asked who he would most like to join the ongoing franchise as it nears its end with Fast and Furious 10, Diesel has now thrown another name out into the ether, and it is quite a surprising one, to say the least.

"That's a really good question. Huh. [points] Dame Judi Dench. I think she'd be awesome."

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That's right, Vin Diesel would like 'M' herself, the national treasure that is actress Dame Judi Dench, to jump into a Lamborghini and speed her way onto the big screen and into the adrenaline-pumping world of the Fast & Furious. Diesel is so eager for her to join the Fast & Furious ranks he even attempted a British accent when giving his answer.

The idea, though, may not be as crazy as first thought. Dame Judi Dench obviously has experience in the action genre with the Bond movies, and she is clearly up for taking on bizarre projects with her recent starring role in the fever-dream that was Cats. Plus the fact that the Fast & Furious franchise has already starred an equally respected actress in the form of Dame Helen Mirren, and suddenly Dame Judi Dench meeting Dominic Toretto and his family does not seem that far fetched.

The rest of the F9 stars had some equally brilliant answers when asked who they would most like to see join their high-octane adventures for what is promised to be the final installment in the original series with Fast & Furious 10.

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges: For me, I would love to bring in Denzel Washington. I think that would be great.

Nathalie Emmanuel: That'd be pretty fun.

Michelle Rodriguez: I like Matt Damon. But I wonder if he would do something so -- a lot of the stuff we do is so silly and he's such a serious cat. I wonder if he'd be into it. He's a serious fella. I really like him. Women, there are so many...

Jordana Brewster: Like Marion Cotillard would be really cool.

Michelle Rodriguez: She's so serious too.

Jordana Brewster: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So is Helen Mirren! Like, who would have thought Helen Mirren would join us?

Michelle Rodriguez: Yeah, but she's got an edge to her. I mean, Caligula? Come on. She's got an edge to her. You have to have a little edge and be playful to want to join, you know what I mean? We don't take ourselves seriously but serious people would have a hard time ... because we do such crazy things!

These are some excellent suggestions. Just imagine Denzel Washington not only bringing his natural intensity, but also bringing out some of the skills he has acquired in The Equalizer and dispatching with Dom and his crew. Matt Damon is also a distinct possibility seeing as he has emerged over the last several years as the master of the surprise cameo.

Until then, you can sit back and enjoy John Cena's debut in the franchise when F9 hits theaters May 22, 2020. This comes to us from MTV International.