John Cena has officially joined the cast of Fast & Furious 9. Vin Diesel revealed the news over the weekend while also paying tribute to the late Paul Walker at the same time. It is believed that the highly anticipated sequel is shooting at the moment with a May 2020 release date scheduled. Diesel is clearly excited about the new addition to the cast and is always looking to push the Fast and Furious franchise further and in unexpected directions.

Vin Diesel posted a video on Instagram to welcome John Cena to the Fast and Furious 9 cast. He mentions Paul Walker, who he refers to as "Pablo" in the video, and believes Cena's involvement is Walker's doing through "every blue moon," which he seems to do frequently. Diesel calls Cena, "another soldier for the fight for truth," as the actor/wrestler shows up on the screen with a giant grin on his face. Cena is clearly happy to be a part of the Fast and Furious franchise and he should be, as he waves his iconic 'You Can't See Me' hand in front of his own face.

John Cena's casting will more than likely make up for the fact that Dwayne Johnson isn't involved in Fast and Furious 9. Johnson and Vin Diesel have butted heads before in the past, but things seem to be okay for the time being between them. Johnson is preparing to unleash the Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw this summer with Jason Statham and Idris Elba. The trailers for the movie have the same Fast vibe to them, but there is something different about it with the addition of superpowers for Elba's villain and fans aren't exactly sure what to make of it.

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Fast and Furious 9 details are being kept under wraps for now, but more details should be released shortly. However, it really doesn't matter since the franchise is always a top box office earner, though it will be pretty interesting to see how it does without the star power of Dwayne Johnson behind it. Additionally, it's going to be interesting to see how Hobbs & Shaw is received upon its release this summer without the supporting members of the Fast and Furious cast. Both movies should end up doing some pretty good business at the box office.

Speaking of box office numbers, Vin Diesel is a part of another record breaking franchise. The actor voices Groot in Avengers: Endgame, which just made over $1 billion at the global box office, making for the highest grossing opening weekend of all time, knocking The Fate of the Furious out of the running. Diesel sure knows how to pick his roles and his upcoming Fast and Furious 9 will undoubtedly be pretty huge, but it probably won't hit Endgame-like numbers when all is said and done. You can check out the John Cena casting announcement below, thanks to Vin Diesel's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick