Dave Bautista has zero interest in joining up with the Fast and Furious franchise. His Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Vin Diesel has been making a killing at the box office with the Fast movies since 2001 and is currently working on Fast and Furious 9. The franchise as a whole has brought in a collective $5 billion over the years and is Universal's biggest franchise of all time. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are preparing to unleash the first spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, in August.

With all of that success, one has to imagine there are many actors who would jump at the chance to star in a Fast and Furious movie. However, Dave Bautista is not one of them. When pitched the idea of him joining up with Dwayne Johnson and John Cena on social media, the actor threw some serious shade at the franchise. He said, "... thank you for your consideration..." with the hashtag "I'd Rather Do Good Films." To top things off and really let the world how he feels, Bautista included two vomiting emojis.

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Dave Bautista's hashtag really says it all, but there might be more to it than just the Fast and Furious franchise as a whole. Bautista is a former professional wrestler and he has gone to great lengths to separate that aspect of his successful career from his choice of movies. The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was the one to make the actor a household name and he has been constantly busy ever since, showing up in the past two Avengers movies, the upcoming Stuber, Denis Villeneuve's upcoming Dune remake, and a lot more.

When separating himself from the world of WWE professional wrestling, Dave Bautista has also tried to stay away from other former wrestlers. While he might respect what Dwayne Johnson has done with his career on the big screen, Bautista considers him to be a movie star and not a serious actor, or even a very good actor for that matter. Bautista has gone out of his way to make the right choices for his career, even when the odds were stacked against him, which was also the case with his wrestling career.

Vin Diesel stars alongside Dave Bautista in the Guardians franchise as Groot and they are going to be getting back together again for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Diesel might not be too happy about Drax talking smack on the Fast and Furious franchise when they reunite. With that being said, it probably only takes Diesel five minutes to record all of his Groot dialogue and he more than likely doesn't see the rest of the cast in that time. Whatever the case may be, Bautista isn't down with the Fast and Furious movies and will not be starring in one. You can check out Dave Bautista's Twitter bashing of the Fast and Furious franchise below.