The first poster for the high-octane sequel Fast Five has been released! Fast Five will arrive in theaters nationwide on April 29. Take a look at this new one-sheet below. You can also read on for more details from director Justin Lin about this fifth installment of the popular car racing series:

Fast Five Poster

Justin Lin has revealed that the relationship between Vin Diesel's Dominic and Paul Walker's Brian has matured in Fast Five:

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"You definitely will see a growth and a maturing of their relationship to be sure. In the other ones, it's always been a little more of that struggle, and Brian was always trying to catch Dom. Now you're going to see a little more of this brotherhood that's always been promised in the other ones. I feel like that's something that everyone's been waiting to see. And I think you'll definitely get some of that here."

Dwayne Johnson is one of the new characters added to the franchise, playing a federal agent named Hobbs. Here's what Justin Lin had to say about working with Dwayne Johnson:

"When I'd heard that he was interested in potentially joining, I jumped at it. I'm a huge fan of Dwayne and I've always felt like for me as a movie fan, if you want to equate it to the '80s, it's almost seeing Schwarzenegger and Stallone together in their prime in a film. I've always wanted to see something like that and I feel like these are two big action stars that I've always wanted to see on screen together. And I think The Rock, or Dwayne, he definitely has the presence to become the real antagonist to our characters."

The director also talked about bringing in actors from previous movies in the franchise, such as Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris from 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sung Kang from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift:

"If you follow the franchise you'll be able to link all these characters up through either Brian or Dom. They're all around the world and an incident happens that basically calls for them to come together as one. Aside from being a director, but just as someone who follows the franchise, that's something that I've always felt I wanted to see, all these characters interacting and how they get together."

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