At the end of 2011's blockbuster action-thriller Fast Five, it was revealed that Michelle Rodriguez's Letty is not dead after all, which paved the way for her return in Fast & Furious 6. On the heels of yesterday's TV spot that aired during Super Bowl XLVII, the actress revealed a new photo of Letty on her official Facebook page, along with the news that a three-minute extended trailer will debut tomorrow. Take a look at this new photo of Letty, along with the actress' message to her fans.

Fast & Furious 6 Letty Photo
"As a thank you for all your support in the return of "Letty", here's an exclusive photo from Fast & Furious 6! Want another exclusive? Check back TOMORROW for the release of the 3-minute EXTENDED TRAILER!"
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When the official synopsis debuted last week, it revealed that Letty isn't exactly playing for the same team this time around. Letty has teamed up with Luke Evans' villainous character, who leads a team of elite mercenaries. The plot thickens when Dom (Vin Diesel) is asked by Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to assemble his crew and bring down these criminals, in exchange for full pardons for their past crimes.