No one thought it could be done. But Dom Toretto is officially back in his homeland! Fast and Furious 8 is making history this week, as the first American production to ever shoot in Cuba. This particular part of the shoot has been teased for awhile now, as director F. Gary Grey and star Vin Diesel accomplished a major coup with this latest sequel. Here's what Vin Diesel had to say on the official Fast 8 Instagram as production starts on this latest addition to the popular action franchise.

"Right now I'm with my director F. Gary Grey. We worked together maybe 17 years ago. And we're in a place that nobody ever thought would be possible. We are in Havana, Cuba. And you can see how beautiful it is, with all these beautiful people. They didn't think it could be done. And we're here, we're doing it. And there is a lot of love here. And we're just really proud to be here, man. This is paradise. We're in Cuba, where the Torettos started. It's Fast 8. It's Dom Toretto here. Back in his home, home, homeland! And Gary is about to rip it."
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F. Gary Grey also confirmed that production on Fast 8 was underway in Cuba with a special Twitter message featuring some of the fine local ladies who will be put on display in this follow-up to 2015's Furious 7. This isn't the first time Fast & Furious 8 has made the record books in its short stretch of shooting so far. The movie also triggered the largest explosion on film in a European nation when it began shooting second unit footage in Iceland earlier this year.

Sadly, the Iceland shoot also resulted in a very strange accident that killed a horse. During an abrupt windstorm, an Iceberg prop was kicked up by a gail force and sent flying through the air. It struck a local horse named Jupiter grazing at a nearby barn. The impact of the iceberg broke the horse's leg, and the poor animal had to be euthanized. None of the cast were reportedly on set at the time.

Now, the production is in full-swing and looking to stay accident-free. The cast is ready for principle photography to begin this week, though it isn't known who will be joining Vin Diesel in Cuba. Additions to the cast in the past few months are Charlize Theron as the main villain and Scott Eastwood as the new lead replacing Paul Walker, though Eastwood's character has not been revealed and it isn't known if this will be another member of Brian O'Conner's family. Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez are all expected to return, along with Jason Statham as bad guy Deckard Shaw.

No story details have emerged yet, but it's clear from these new videos that Vin Diesel's Dom will be returning to his homeland of Cuba. It's entirely possible that we'll finally get to meet the entire Toretto family, which will likely result in at least one brother, sister or cousin becoming one of the main characters in this franchise. Fast and Furious 8 reportedly sets a new trilogy in motion, with Fast and Furious 9 and Fast and Furious 10 already green lit and given release dates. Fast 8, as everyone involved with the production seems to be calling it, arrives April 14 of next year. It will be followed by FF9 in 2019 and FF10 in 2021. So we'll definitely be seeing Dom and his extended family well into the next decade.