The drama behind-the-scenes of a Fast and Furious project is allegedly a lot more petty than originally thought. A new report on the situation caught the eye of Terry Crews, who hilariously responded to the contract stipulations of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham. The franchise spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, which hits theaters today, was no exception. On a set full of alpha male action stars, everything has to be equal since nobody wants to be perceived as weaker than their co-stars.

Terry Crews knows all about being an action star, but it appears his ego isn't as large as some of his contemporaries. Contract stipulations are as old as time. Actors want their name first in the credits, bigger on a billboard, more screen time, etc. Now, it has spilled out into the sharing of muscles and fight scenes, which has always been there, but is now under a microscope. Crews had this to say about the Fast and Furious fight contracts.

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"I got shot in the ass in Expendables 3, Crippled by Gerard Butler in Gamer, Took 400 bullets in Street Kings... I am the 'losingest badass in Hollywood.'"

Terry Crews didn't stop there. He went on to list a bunch of movies where his characters didn't have the best of luck. His attitude is refreshing, especially considering that Vin Diesel allegedly wanted to set up a hit system to calculate how many times he was being hit, how hard, where, type of injury, along with other stats and had them cataloged and compared to Dwayne Johnson. Apparently, the system was deemed to be too complicated, so they settled on the equal fighting contracts.

According to Fast and Furious producers and crew members, Jason Statham negotiated an agreement with the studio that severely limits how hard he can get beat up on screen. Vin Diesel still catalogs the number of punches he takes and Dwayne Johnson makes sure "producers, editors, and fight coordinators" help to ensure he keeps his badass image. This has allegedly gotten to the point where Johnson would not lie down at Diesel's feet and persuaded the director to let him sit instead during one particular scene. It has also been reported that the actors will often stop by the editing bay to make sure they are getting equal screen time.

When it comes to choosing a winner during a Fast and Furious movie, something conveniently always happens to make sure no clear winner is revealed. Prison breaks, helicopters shooting missiles, and other distractions are all a part of the alpha male illusion on the screen. Hobbs & Shaw takes things to a new level and has the characters fighting an outside battle instead of each other. Regardless, it seems a bit silly from the outside looking in, but the franchise is probably stronger because of it. Whatever the case may be, we can still have a good laugh with Terry Crews' Twitter reaction to the original report.