The unexpected and untimely death of Paul Walker came as a shock to fans. But it truly devastated his Fast and Furious franchise co-stars. Vin Diesel has been quite vocal about expressing his grief, and will still post the random music video in Paul Walker's honor. Now, for the first time, Michelle Rodriguez is opening up about the actor's death. And in turn, she's said some seemingly crazy things. Particularly the fact that she's not so much sad as she is jealous, because Paul Walker died first.

Paul Walker unexpectedly died in a car accident that happened over the Thanksgiving holiday back in 2013. He was in the midst of shooting his final scenes for the sequel Furious 7, which co-starred Michelle Rodriguez. The movie was halted at that time, and reworked so that Paul Walker's Brian O'Conner character could be written out of the franchise without having to cancel the movie altogether.

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Michelle Rodriguez's recent comments about Paul Walker's death come from the new documentary The Reality of Truth. TMZ acquired a clip from the movie, where Michelle Rodriguez opens up about how she dealt with losing her friend. She spent one summer trying not to deal with the loss. And she admits that she took the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca, which opened up her mind to what lie beyond this world. And she suddenly felt jealous of her friend. She explains.

"I went through about a year of just being like an animal. Like, what could I do physically to just get my mind off of existentialism? Get my mind off of how transient life is and how we just come here and can disappear at any moment. I did everything I could possibly do to hide from myself."

Her next statements come directly from her experience involving the ingestion of ayahuasca. It's a drug that Chelsea Handler recently tried on an episode of her Netflix series, and 20/20 recently did an expose on the effects of the drug. Michelle Rodriguez had this to say.

"It wasn't a sadness that he's gone. It was more like a jealousy that he's there first."

You can view the clip here. The official website for The Reality of Truth has announced that the full movie will be available for purchase soon. Presented by Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, the documentary features first of its kind interviews with the top thought leaders in the world including Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Transcendental Meditation leader Dr. John Hagelin, bestselling author Dr. Norman Rosenthal, and many more.

The Reality of Truth offers the viewer a front row seat on an around the world exploration of how people, groups and entire cultures tap into an alternative, "true reality" through spirituality, meditation, and psychedelics. Large groups of people live free of violence, judgment and are all connected on a higher, free-will, loving plane. This film will showcase how these people live their lives in the truest and purist form of reality. A reality free of fraud, lies, apprehension and insecurities; where people live, and behave, without society's limits. This film will allow you to understand how you can achieve this very way of life in the purist of forms. You can check out the trailer here. Let us know what you think about Michelle Rodriguez's comments below.