Are you ready for a Back to The Future remake? What about one starring Vin Diesel? Now imagine it's an action-packed car chase movie about righting all the wrongs in The Fast and the Furious franchise! That's exactly what we get with the first teaser trailer for Fast to the Future, which you can watch in the embed below!

But don't worry. Universal Pictures and director Robert Zemeckis know fans don't really want a Back to The Future reboot. Especially if it means replacing Michael J. Fox with Vin Diesel. That would be blasphemous. Though, it's undecided whether or not The Fast and the Furious fans would be okay with introducing time travel into the franchise 7 movies in. Both properties are housed at Universal, and stranger things have happened.

But no, no_movie|Fast to the Future is not a real movie. Its a clever little fan-made video from the folks at IGN. It's their idea of an April Fool's Joke, and it's pretty funny taken at face value. The teaser suggests that we may see a bigger mash-up trailer that brings both franchises together in the future, but that's unlikely. Furious 7 is in theaters in just a few days. A true Back to The Future remake could be announced any day now. In the meantime (and while we wait) take a look as Vin Diesel travels through time to right all the wrongs done to Dom over the past couple of years:

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange