The Avengers: Endgame version of Thor is getting his own Marvel Legends action figure. It was recently revealed that Marvel Studios has officially dubbed this version of The God of Thunder, "Bro Thor." There are plenty of better names they could have chosen, with Lebowski being the obvious winner, but they decided against that. Online, the character is usually referred to as "Fat Thor," but that isn't very nice since he was going through a deep and dark depression.

Like the rest of the Marvel Legends action figures, the Avengers: Endgame line is incredibly detailed, as first seen on the floor at Comic-Con. Thor looks excellent as the "bro" version and even comes with two heads, one with sunglasses, and one without. His beard is long and unkept and he has his sweatshirt and robe. However, there are no beers that come with the figure. Obviously, they're made for children, so there isn't going to be any miniature beer cans, but it would have been a nice touch. Perhaps Marvel Cinematic Universe fans over the age of 21 can make their own.

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Along with Bro Thor, Other figures from Hasbro's Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame line include, Iron Man, Valkyrie, Heimdall, and Iron Patriot War Machine. They look like they are sure to make any MCU fan happy, but particularly the adults. These look more like action figures that collect dust on dad's desk or stay in the original box waiting to collect value to be flipped at a later date. It is not clear if they are limited edition, but Thor fans are not going to want to sleep on this deal.

Thor was in a deep and dark hole throughout most of Avengers: Endgame. He was deeply depressed after not taking down Thanos at the conclusion of Infinity War, which led to the Decimation. He was later able to chop off the Mad Titan's head, but that brought him no comfort. Instead, he retreated to New Asgard with Korg and Miek where he learned to drink beer all day long to drown his sorrows. After a while, he gained a considerable amount of weight and was able to place his dip bowl on his stomach, using it as a table. It was pretty impressive.

Things started to get better for The God of Thunder as Avengers: Endgame progressed, but he was still heavy and looked like he had seen better days. A lot of MCU fans were happy to see the Russo Brothers leave Thor the way he was for the duration of the movie instead of him magically gaining his god-like body in some magical way. Now that Thor 4 is really happening, it will be interesting to see if Taika Waititi decides to keep the overweight Thor or maybe even address him getting back into shape. You can check out some images from Comic-Con of the "Bro Thor} action figure below, thanks to Toy Ark.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick